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New Zealand Defence Force

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The New Zealand Defence Force (Maori: Te Ope Kaatua o Aotearoa, "Line of Defence of New Zealand") consists of three services: the Royal New Zealand Navy; the New Zealand Army; and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. The Commander-in-Chief of the NZDF is His Excellency Rt. Hon. Sir Jerry Mateparae, Governor-General of New Zealand who exercises his power on the advice of the Minister of Defence, Hon. Dr Wayne Mapp, under the Defence Act 1990. The commander and head of the NZDF is the Chief of Defence Force (CDF), Lieutenant-General Rhys Jones, who also acts as the primary military adviser to the Minister of Defence.

New Zealand's armed forces have three defence policy objectives; to defend New Zealand against low-level threats, to contribute to regional security; and to play a part in global security efforts. New Zealand considers its own national defence needs to be modest, due to its geographical isolation and benign relationships with neighbours.[2] As of September 2008, approximately 600 NZDF personnel served overseas in the South Pacific, Asia and Middle East areas.[3]

ArmyMain article: New Zealand Army New Zealand's Army consists of around 4,500 full-time and 2,500 part-time troops. It is a small but well-regarded and professional force consisting of light infantry and motorised infantry equipped with 105 Canadian-manufactured LAV III Light Armoured Vehicles, known as the NZLAV. There are also armoured reconnaissance, artillery, logistic, communications, medical and intelligence elements. The New Zealand Special Air Service is the NZDF's special forces capability which operates in both conventional warfare and counter-terrorist roles. The Corps and Regiments of the New Zealand Army include:

Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps Royal New Zealand Army Nursing Corps Royal New Zealand Army Dental Corps Corps of Royal New Zealand Military Police New Zealand Intelligence Corps New Zealand Army Legal Services [edit] Navy HMNZS Te ManaMain article: Royal New Zealand Navy The Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) includes two Anzac class frigates, developed in conjunction with Australia, and based on the German MEKO 200 design. Eight other vessels are in use, consisting of patrol vessels and logistics vessels. The RNZN is in the process of acquiring seven new vessels: one large Multi-Role Vessel named the HMNZS Canterbury, two Offshore Patrol Vessels, and four Inshore Patrol Vessels. All of these new vessels will be part of Project Protector and will be built to commercial, not naval, standards on cost grounds.

[edit] Air Force One of the RNZAF's two Boeing 757 transport aircraftMain article: Royal New Zealand Air Force The Royal New Zealand Air Force consists of 50 aircraft, consisting of P-3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft and Lockheed C-130 Hercules and other transport aircraft. The RNZAF does not have an air combat force following the retirement without replacement of its A-4 Skyhawk and Aermacchi MB-339 squadrons. A plan to acquire 28 F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft was controversially cancelled by the Labour Government in 2000. The NH90 helicopter has recently been ordered to replace Bell UH-1 Iroquois. The PAC CT/4 Airtrainer is locally produced.

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