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Neu Arbeit

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Deutsch for New Labour. Short of sticking six million Jews on gas mark six for ten minutes, this political elite's agenda is staggeringly similar to the NSDAP. You just wait and see me ol' mucker!

Also shows great similarities with George Orwell's vision of 1984. Disturbingly ironic and blackly amusing since it was Labour who accused the Conservative Party government in 1984 of turning the country into a police state. Scientific advisers are employed by the government to give the answers they want to hear. If the answer is different, the advisor is sacked or used as a very public scapegoat and driven to suicide.

Current or upcoming New Labour policies: (feel free to add)

  • Checking children's lunch boxes for nutrition and writing threatening letters to parents who don't feed their children to an 'acceptable' standard.
  • Taxation level considerably in excess of what the medieval slave/peasant had to pay (and he didn't have stealth taxes to worry about!)
  • Weighing children to ensure they are the correct weight.
  • ID cards for all, which we have to pay for - bit like the Chinese government shooting someone then charging the family for the bullet.
  • Satellite-monitoring of every car in the country.
  • Central databases to track every interaction with the state.
  • Shoot to kill acceptable because of 'terrorism'.
  • Fingerprinting for the most minor misdemeanor.
  • Taking a DNA sample from every 'arrest' at a police station even if they have to 'arrest' then 'unarrest' the victim.
  • Establishment of a DNA database for all newborn (Operation Herod).
  • The striking off of NHS patients who refuse permission for their GP to enter medical records on a national database. (the No2id campaign looks to have stopped this one ... for the moment. Opt out will be available)
  • Drug testing children at school.
  • Proposals to palm print children at school for ID purposes. Allegedly so as not to stigmatize those getting free meals ... and get their dabs at the same time. This has changed from a simple "credit card" system (where money is paid on to avoid stigmatisation and to allow children not to take cash into school) to a full on ID system. The idea that started as an almost legitimate way to ensure children didn't get bullied has morphed into a method of government grooming of both children and parents to make ID cards more palatable.
  • Latest (nothing to do with control of the plebes honest) plan is to psychometric test everyone applying for a driving license. This is supposed to weed out the road rage nutters but is more likely just getting more information for the Projekt1984 databases.
  • Rather than spending the money they extort out of us from the Road Tax on the roads, allow everyone to drive on the hard shoulder. Is it just me or isn't the hard shoulder there for emergencies and breakdowns?
  • The introduction of Children's Courts, where disruptive and generally feral kids can go to be sentenced... wait for it... by child judges! [Who thinks this shyte up?]
  • Police harassment of anyone deemed to be 'anti-social' although the definition of anti-social seems to be a bit vague!
  • Identification of a 'racist' family life when "A child reacts negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying, 'Yuck!" Article here
  • The suppression of peaceful protest or the utilisation of tactics to turn a peaceful protest violent in order to validate the opinion of the Reich that all protest is dangerous and must be quelled to maintain order.
  • In addition to allowing civilians to use speed guns to catch their friends and neighbours speeding along their street, the government is now allowing the monitoring of CCTV by people sat at home who will be paid for detecting crimes. Lovely - I quite like the idea of being watched whilst I shop by some sad prat sat at home furiously masturbating over CCTV just in case I accidentally drop some litter. CCTV used to have very restricted access under the law - shops could only review it under specific circumstances and could only pass it on to the police. It was something to do with privacy. Anyone remember what that is? Sigh. Remember when we used to run most of the world?.

Labour Party Motto is rapidly becoming "All Things Not Forbidden Are Mandatory AND Anything not Mandatory is Forbidden!".