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Some sort of sailor chap, notable for missing an arm and an eye, thus proving that disability isn't a bar to a career in the forces as long as you maintain a positive mental attitude.

Won a few battles for the Andrew, including the Battle of the Nile and Trafalgar, and he was killed at the latter, mortally wounded on the deck of his flagship, HMS Victory.

Like most matelots, he was a mincer as evinced by his last word, when he asked his 2 i/c to snog him.

That would be;

'Kiss me Hardy'

Less well reported, was the rest of the sentence, being

'go on, give us a proper snog, with tongues'

Also involved in one of the great Blackadder quotes:

the other signal at The Battle of the Nile ... 'England knows Lady Hamilton is a virgin. Poke out my eye and cut off my arm if I'm wrong.' (Of course, being a parson's son, he couldn't expect to get away with that sort of porky, could he?)

Nelson's Blood - the RN nickname for rum. Closer to the truth than many think. After Trafalgar, the task of getting the fallen hero's remains back to England posed a minor problem. Not to worry - His Lordship was bunged into a barrel of rum to preserve him for the State funeral to follow. And of course, the matelots continued to take their by-now traditional tot from the very same barrel. Considering that rum was originally for pouring into kegs of gunpowder to prevent spontaneous ignition (and the lads still drank it!), then the infusion of a mere corpse into their grog supply would have been a minor inconvenience at most.