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Historic Usage


A deeply unpleasant bunch of bullies, crooks and murderers led by Adolf Hitler, who were in power in Germany from 1933 to 1945. This obviously covers the period of WW2, which they lost, despite having got off to a flying start.

They might have won (German soldiers being 50% more effective than British, Spam or Russian soldiers) if they hadn't spent so much time concentrating on the mass murder of Jews, Mongs, Gypsies, Russian & Polish civvies, Homosexuals and suprisingly, Communists.

Spent an inordinate amount of time creating prototypes and looking for super weapons... without realizing they already had extremely fine kit that could have won the war for them had they not spent so much time dicking about.

  • The Me262 jet fighter Hitler insisted be used as a bomber could have been in service in time to decimate allied bomber streams.
  • The STG44 assault rifle not built in sufficient numbers 'cause Hitler said not to, so Fritz had to soldier on with the bolt-action K98.
  • The Tiger tank could have been operational in late 1941 and Panther tanks were rushed into combat before being properly tested.

Most of the civilised World is rather pleased they lost(Apart from 'Neo Nazi's, Goths & Walts), and hope that Hitler and his chums are rotting in the lowest circle of Hell.

That said, the regime dragged a bankrupt and failed nation in to superpower status within six years - no mean feat. Unfortunately, they then spent the next six fucking it all up. Had they been nice to the yids, pikeys, mongs and rear gunners and sat pretty on their achievements, then history might have turned out decidedly different.

Modern Usage

The term Nazi is possibly the most abused word in modern day usage (apart perhaps from Muslims always being described as 'furious' ... even if they always seem to be).

First hijacked by lefty students in the 1980's to describe the Mrs Thatcher government. It quickly spread to traffic wardens and indeed anyone doing their jobs to the letter of what they were told. Police are 'nazis' for kicking in terrorists doors at 5am 'Dawn Raid's. Immigration officials are described as 'nazis' for deporting illegal immigrants with vigour rather than letting them leave in their own time with a hefty wedge of taxpayers cash. As a result this term has totally lost any sort of meaning since almost anyone can be a 'nazi' if they are 'oppressing' some group. It will likely be Shami Chakrabarti doing the accusing. Ikea are 'nazis' in the furniture industry alongside telling us to Stop Being So English!!!.

Today Red Ken Livingstone thinks nothing of describing a jewish journalist asking him a polite question as a 'nazi concentration camp guard'. God help this country if they ever do run into some real nazis. They will be completely unable to describe whats just happened to them. Perhaps a holiday in Zimbabwe would be instructive.

Strangely Nazi's are always being described as being right wing extremists. Despite the term being an abbreviation for 'National Socialist', a lefty with a nationalist twist. They were indeed lefties. The nazi's were big on things like the environment (Nazi Germany had the first laws on industrial waste, animal protection and such); labour; welfare; child support and built huge and extensive pubic works. Just think of the Autobahn; the German railways and numerous airfields. Nazi's were all for big government and lots of dialogue between workers, employers and ze government. Just think of them as a non-PC version of Labour.

The current idea of Nazi's being Right Wing stems from the 70-ies idea of a Left Wing welfare state being a good thing. The people who promoted this idea couldn't allow their pet project being associated with their antisemitic predecessor. So, they being lefties, decided that Nazi's were everything they weren't (not true, they had a lot in common, just not their murderous streak...) and declared Nazi's as Right Wing. The cruel joke is that the PC Labour proponents of the Nanny state now use a lot off State sanctioned suppression to further their idea's, making them even more reminiscent of that 1930's project on the Continent...