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Oleaginous rag that provides an outlet for all the Media Whores and attention-seeking Weeners that crave adulation just for doing their fucking jobs. Also see: Fleet Air Arm, Supply and Logistics Branch, Phot Branch.

There are people in the Mob who cry if they or their unit is not mentioned at least once in every issue, a craving for attention that probably stems from not being breast-fed in early life.

That said, however, the penpals bit used to be quite good, as it provided contacts for desperate gompers by the yard.

The swap draft section was renowned in the past as a vital lifeline in the securing of a way out the inevitable drafts to bases t'other end of the country from the missus. Scottish chaps posted to Plymouth and Plymouth chaps sent up to Scotland for no intelligent reason. Twas ever thus.

When promotion was by Points, they used to publish the points required for advancement in each branch. It was always morbidly satisfying to to see which branch advanced by Dead Men's Shoes, some needing in excess of 1100 points, which equated to about a ten year wait to make Petty Officer.