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Nato Reporting Name

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Reporting Codenames

NATO reporting names are code names for Soviet and Chinese military equipment. These were created to facilitate communications between military units speaking different languages and because in most cases the actual name of the equipment was unknown or did not exist, and in many cases were not known for many years. Much of that equipment can still be found in use around the world, and NATO reporting names are sometimes still used

The initial letter of the name indicated something about the use of that equipment; for example, fighter aircraft were assigned names beginning with the letter F, bomber aircraft with B, helicopters with H, surface-to-surface missiles with S, and surface-to-air missiles with G. For fixed-wing aircraft, names with one syllable were used for propeller-powered craft while two syllable names indicated jet engines. Perhaps the most famous reporting name is that of the SS-1 ballistic missile, the "Scud".

Air to Air Missiles

  1. AA-1 "Alkali" (Kaliningrad K-5)
  2. AA-2 "Atoll" [Vympel K-13)
  3. AA-3 "Anab" (Kaliningrad K-8)
  4. AA-4 "Awl" (Raduga K-9)
  5. AA-5 "Ash" (Bisnovat R-4)
  6. AA-6 "Acrid" (Bisnovat R-40)
  7. AA-7 "Apex" (Vympel R-23)
  8. AA-8 "Aphid" (Molniya R-60)
  9. AA-9 "Amos" (Vympel R-33)
  10. AA-10 "Alamo" (Vympel R-27)
  11. AA-11 "Archer" (Vympel R-73)
  12. AA-12 "Adder" (Vympel R-77)
  13. AA-X-13 "Arrow" (Vympel R-37)

Air to Surface Missiles

  1. AS-1 "Kennel" (KS-1 Kometa)
  2. AS-2 "Kipper" (K-10S Yen)
  3. AS-3 "Kangaroo" (H-20)
  4. AS-4 "Kitchen" (H-22 Burya)
  5. AS-5 "Kelt" (H-11/KSR-2)
  6. AS-6 "Kingfish" (H-26/KSR-5)
  7. AS-7 "Kerry" (H-66, H-23 Grom)
  8. AS-8 (9M114V Sturm-V)
  9. AS-9 "Kyle" (H-28)
  10. AS-10 "Karen" (H-25)
  11. AS-11 "Kilter" (H-58 Izdeliye)
  12. AS-12 "Kegler" (H-25MP, H-27PS)
  13. AS-13 "Kingbolt" (H-59 Ovod)
  14. AS-14 "Kedge" (H-29)
  15. AS-15 "Kent" (H-55/H-65S Izdeliye)
  16. AS-16 "Kickback" (H-15)
  17. AS-17 "Krypton" (H-31)
  18. AS-18 "Kazoo" (H-59M Ovod-M)
  19. AS-19 "Koala" (P-750 Grom)
  20. AS-19 "Koala" (3M25A Meteorit-A)
  21. AS-20 "Kayak" (H-35/H-37 Uran)
  22. AS-X-21 (Kh-90 Gela)

Surface to Air Missiles

  1. SA-1 "Guild" (S-25 Berkut)
  2. SA-2 "Guideline" (V-75 Dvina/Volkhov/Desna)
  3. SA-3 "Goa" (S-125 Nyeva)
  4. SA-4 "Ganef" (9M8 Krug)
  5. SA-5 "Gammon" (S-200 Volga)
  6. SA-6 "Gainful" (3M9 ZRK-SD Kub and Kvadrat)
  7. SA-7 "Galosh" and "Grail" (9K32 Strela-2)
  8. SA-8 "Gecko" (9K33 Osa)
  9. SA-9 "Gaskin" (9K31 Strela-1)
  10. SA-10 "Grumble" (S-300P Angara)
  11. SA-11 "Gadfly" (9K37 Buk)
  12. SA-12 "Gladiator" and "Giant" (S-300V)
  13. SA-13 "Gopher" (ZRK-BD Strela-10)
  14. SA-14 "Gremlin" (9K36 Strela-3)
  15. SA-15 "Gauntlet" (9K330/9K331/9K332 Tor)
  16. SA-16 "Gimlet" (9K310 Igla-1)
  17. SA-17 "Grizzly" (9K37 Buk-M1-2)
  18. SA-18 "Grouse" (9K38 Igla)
  19. SA-19|SA-19 "Grison" (2K22 Tunguska)
  20. SA-20|SA-20 "Gargoyle" (S-300PMU Favorit)
  21. SA-21|SA-21 "Growler" (S-400 Triumf)
  22. SA-22|SA-22 "Greyhound" (Pantsir-S1)

Surface to Surface Missiles

  1. SS-1 "Scunner" (R-1) and "Scud" (R-11/R-300)
  2. SS-2 "Sibling" (R-2)
  3. SS-3 "Shyster" (R-5/R-5M)
  4. SS-4 "Sandal" (R-12)
  5. SS-5 "Skean" (R-14)
  6. SS-6 "Sapwood" (R-7)
  7. SS-7 "Saddler" (R-16)
  8. SS-8 "Sasin" (R-9/R-9A)
  9. SS-9 "Scarp" (R-36)
  10. SS-10 "Scrag" (GR-1)
  11. SS-11 "Sego" (UR-100)
  12. SS-12 "Scaleboard" (9M76)
  13. SS-13 "Savage" (RT-2)
  14. SS-14 "Scapegoat" and "Scamp" (RT-15)
  15. SS-15 "Scrooge" (RT-20)
  16. SS-16 "Sinner" (15Zh42)
  17. SS-17 "Spanker" (MR-UR-100)
  18. SS-18 "Satan" (R-36M)
  19. SS-19 "Stiletto" (UR-100N)
  20. SS-20 "Saber" (RT-21M/15Zh45)
  21. SS-21 "Scarab" (9M79)
  22. SS-22 "Scaleboard" (9M76)
  23. SS-23 "Spider" (9M714)
  24. SS-24 "Scalpel" (RT-23)
  25. SS-25 "Sickle" (RT-2PM)
  26. SS-26 "Stone"
  27. SS-27 "STALIN" (RT-2UTTH)(Topol-M)
  28. SS-X-28 "Saber" (15Zh53)


  1. "Faceplate" MiG Ye-2A (see Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21)
  2. "Fagot" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15
  3. "Faithless" Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-231
  4. "Fang" Lavochkin La-11
  5. "Fantail" Lavochkin La-15
  6. "Fantan" Nanchang Q-5/A-5
  7. "Fargo" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-9
  8. "Farmer" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 and Shenyang J-6
  9. "Feather" Yakovlev Yak-15/Yak-17
  10. "Fencer" Sukhoi Su-24
  11. "Fiddler" Tupolev Tu-28P/Tu-128
  12. "Fin" Lavochkin La-7
  13. "Finback" Shenyang J-8
  14. "Firebar" Yakovlev Yak-28P
  15. "Firkin" Sukhoi Su-47
  16. "Fishbed" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 and Chengdu J-7
  17. "Fishpot" Sukhoi Su-9 and Su-11
  18. "Fitter" Sukhoi Su-7 and Su-17/Su-20/Su-22
  19. "Flagon" Sukhoi Su-15
  20. "Flanker" Sukhoi Su-27/Su-30/Su-33/Su-35/Su-37
  21. "Flashlight" Yakovlev Yak-25
  22. "Flatpack" MiG-35 MFI objekt 1.44/1.42
  23. "Flipper" Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-150 (see Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21)
  24. "Flogger" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 and MiG-27
  25. "Flora" Yakovlev Yak-23
  26. "Forger" Yakovlev Yak-38
  27. "Foxbat" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25
  28. "Foxhound" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-31
  29. "Frank" Yakovlev Yak-9
  30. "Fred" Bell P-63 Kingcobra
  31. "Freehand" Yakovlev Yak-36
  32. "Freestyle" Yakovlev Yak-41/Yak-141
  33. "Fresco" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 and Shenyang J-5
  34. "Fritz" Lavochkin La-9
  35. "Frogfoot" Sukhoi Su-25
  36. "Fulcrum" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29/MiG-33/MiG-35
  37. "Fullback" Sukhoi Su-32/Su-34


  1. "Box" Douglas A-20 Havoc
  2. "Bark" Ilyushin Il-2M3
  3. "Bob" Ilyushin Il-4
  4. "Beast" Ilyushin Il-10
  5. "Beagle" Ilyushin Il-28
  6. "Brawny" Ilyushin Il-40
  7. "Blowlamp" Ilyushin Il-54
  8. "Bison" M-4
  9. "Bounder" Myasishchev M-50
  10. "Bank" North American B-25 Mitchell
  11. "Buck" Petlyakov Pe-2
  12. "Bat" Tupolev Tu-2
  13. "Bull" Tupolev Tu-4
  14. "Bosun" Tupolev Tu-14
  15. "Badger" Tupolev Tu-16
  16. "Blinder" Tupolev Tu-22
  17. "Backfire" Tupolev Tu-22M
  18. "Butcher" Tupolev Tu-82
  19. "Barge" Tupolev Tu-85
  20. "Boot" Tupolev Tu-91 Boot
  21. "Bear" Tupolev Tu-95 A/B/C/D
  22. "Backfin" Tupolev Tu-98
  23. "Blackjack" Tupolev Tu-160
  24. "Brassard" Yak-28
  25. "Brewer" Yak-28B

Cargo Aircraft and airliners

  1. Antonov An-2 "Colt"
  2. Antonov An-8 "Camp"
  3. Antonov An-10 "Cat"
  4. Antonov An-12 "Cub"
  5. Antonov An-14 "Clod"
  6. Antonov An-22 "Cock"
  7. Antonov An-24 "Coke"
  8. Antonov An-26 "Curl"
  9. Antonov An-28 "Cash"
  10. Antonov An-30 "Clank"
  11. Antonov An-32 "Cline"
  12. Antonov An-72/An-74 "Coaler"
  13. Antonov An-124 "Condor"
  14. Antonov An-225 "Cossack"
  15. Beriev Be-30/Be-32 "Cuff"
  16. Ilyushin Il-12 "Coach"
  17. Ilyushin Il-14 "Crate"
  18. Ilyushin Il-18 "Clam"
  19. Ilyushin Il-20/Il-22 "Coot"
  20. Ilyushin Il-62 "Classic"
  21. Ilyushin Il-76 "Candid"
  22. Ilyushin Il-86 "Camber"
  23. Lisunov Li-2 "Cab"
  24. Tupolev Tu-70 "Cart"
  25. Tupolev Tu-104 "Camel"
  26. Tupolev Tu-110 "Cooker"
  27. Tupolev Tu-114 "Cleat"
  28. Tupolev Tu-124 "Cookpot"
  29. Tupolev Tu-134 "Crusty"
  30. Tupolev Tu-144 "Charger"
  31. Tupolev Tu-154 "Careless"
  32. Yakovlev Yak-8 "Crib"
  33. Yakovlev Yak-12 "Creek"/"Crow"
  34. Yakovlev Yak-16 "Cork"
  35. Yakovlev Yak-40 "Codling"
  36. Yakovlev Yak-42 "Clobber"


  1. Mi-26 "Halo"
  2. Mi-1 "Hare"
  3. Mi-10 "Harke"
  4. Ka-20 "Harp"
  5. Ka-10 "Hat"
  6. Mi-28 "Havoc"
  7. Mi-14 "Haze"
  8. Ka-27/29/32 "Helix"
  9. Ka-15 "Hen"
  10. Mi-34 "Hermit"
  11. Mi-24 "Hind"
  12. Mi-8/9/17 "Hippo"
  13. Ka-18 "Hog"
  14. Ka-50/Ka-52 "Hokum"
  15. Mil V-12 "Homer"
  16. Ka-26/126 "Hoodlum"
  17. Mi-6 "Hook"
  18. Ka-22 "Hoop"
  19. Mi-2 "Hoplite"
  20. Ka-25 "Hormone"
  21. Yak-24 "Horse"
  22. Mi-4 "Hound"


  1. "Madcap" Antonov An-74
  2. "Madge" Beriev Be-6
  3. "Maestro" Yakovlev Yak-25
  4. "Magnet" Yakovlev Yak-17UTI
  5. "Magnum" Yakovlev Yak-30
  6. "Maiden"Sukhoi Su-9U
  7. "Mail" Beriev Be-12
  8. "Mainstay" Beriev A-50 (Airborne Early Warning (AEW) version of the Ilyushin Il-76)
  9. "Mallow" Beriev Be-10
  10. "Mandrake" Yakovlev Yak-25RV
  11. "Mangrove" Yakovlev Yak-28U
  12. "Mantis" Yakovlev Yak-32
  13. "Mare" Yakovlev Yak-14
  14. "Mark" Yakovlev Yak-7V
  15. "Mascot" Ilyushin Il-28U
  16. "Max" Yakovlev Yak-18
  17. "Maxdome" Ilyushin Il-80
  18. "May" Ilyushin Il-38
  19. "Maya" Aero L-29
  20. "Mermaid" Beriev Be-40
  21. "Midas" Ilyushin Il-78
  22. "Midget" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15UTI
  23. "Mink" Yakovlev UT-2
  24. "Mist" Tsybin Ts-25
  25. "Mole" Beriev Be-8
  26. "Mongol" Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 two-seat trainer version
  27. "Moose" Yakovlev Yak-11
  28. "Mop" PBY Catalina
  29. "Moss" Tupolev Tu-126
  30. "Mote" Beriev MBR-2
  31. "Moujik" Sukhoi Su-7U
  32. "Mug" Beriev Be-4
  33. "Mule" Po-2 (U-2)
  34. "Mystic" Myasishchev M-17/M-55


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