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National Service

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In times of high unemployment, social disorder or indeed just because the leader of the country is a war mongering mong ... the cries for enforced service in the Armed Forces goes up.


  • The Armed Forces dont want it because their nice professional units get littered with a bunch of Mongs and Feck wits.
  • The Public dont want it as they are already afraid of the Chavs and with National Service they would be trained and armed with Gats Chavs!
  • The Left dont want it because they know that its a very small step to Lebensraum AND they hate anything that involves the Forces as it offends their pacifistic little heads!
  • The Right (and Daily Mail readers) want it TOO much.

However it is often seen as the way to solve the fact that this septic isle is full of cnuts!


Get some in!!

Exactly what we should do. We have a country full of Chavs and Bastards who would benefit from a damn good beasting.