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MLA for Non-Regular Permanent Staff, i.e TA personnel (generally ex-regular) who've managed to blag their way on to a nice little earner. 'Nerps' comes complete with:

  • Golf clubs.
  • Cup of tea (in hand).
  • A never ending list of reasons why things cannot be done - and why he has to get away early.

'Nerps' is occasionally seen with look of panic, especially when a future change to conditions of service is mentioned... and especially the thought of being on a five-year sinecure (rather than a ten-year one) and losing their paid mileage.

'Nerps' has a fundamental belief that twenty-two years in the Army entitles him to loaf about at the public expense. This is demonstrated by hardly ever being seen on a drill night or weekend.

He invariably bangs on about not having the benefits of being a regular soldier, completely ignoring the 'N' in the job title.

Not included:

  • Annual appraisal, as it would make no difference anyway.
  • Uniform (optional extra).

Also Known As

  • Bill Oddie the NRPS squaddie
  • Not Really Proper Soldiers
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