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NI Gloves

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Gloves - Northern Ireland

Time was that the only gloves on general issue were Gloves (Woollen) - which were absolutely useless for anything other than pleasuring oneself in the sangar. The only alternative was to acquire a pair of NI Gloves: black leather beauties with a padded knuckle that was (so I'm told) designed so as to enable the wearer to biff gobby paddies in the chops and not leave any telltale marks.

If one was successful in avoiding the province, or one didn't have a mate with a gash pair then one's only recourse was a trip to that Alladin's cave of kit... Silverman's.

As gloves went, they were not too bad. They looked ally, could be treated with Nixwax or boot polish and were a damn sight better than the alternatives of the day (cumbersome ski mitts or motorcycle gloves). They have since been replaced on general issue by the Gore-Tex-lined CS95 gloves.