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NFI States:

The British Army has adopted the following ascending scale of NFI states to categorise how deep a soldier is in a Low Interest Entanglement.

These reflect a combination of the degree of interest a soldier is likely to exhibit about participating in a particular activity and the degree of interest he ought to be taking in order to preserve his life, career and so on.

NFI State Low. Typically exhibited by soldiers on patrol in, for example, Al Amarah or Basra or by RMAS Cadets whilst being drilled by the Academy Sergeant Major, when a momentary loss of concentration is likely to lead to death, destruction, maiming and so on. No special equipment is required.

NFI State Medium. Most often seen in soldiers going about their normal daily routine in an operational environment, or taking part in a course. Commanders may need to prepare an L1A1 'Stiff Talking To' in the event that the NFI state threatens to move to High

NFI State High. Is usually declared during a soldier's normal daily routine in a non-operational environment but may also be seen amongst REMFs on operations. Commanders should consider the alternatives of declaring either a. a Naafi Break or b. AGAI 67 action.

NFI State Black. Is declared during Exercises when any NBC play begins or during courses when a Gunner Officer begins a lecture on the role of the Royal Artillery. NFI State Black typically affects all-ranks.

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