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NCRS - National Communications Radio System.

Beloved of the NC Regiments of 2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade - 32, 37, 38, 39, 71 and soon 36 and 40 Signal Regiments.

A 1980s communications installation in a trailer that looks like a green horsebox. Issued to the Brigade after several previous trials incarnations (HDRS anyone?) in 1995 - I remember standing on the square in Leek Camp watching mine arrive on a low loader and wondering how the f*** we were going to get them back to the TAC. Too heavy for Land Rovers to tow safely, so we had to bolt steel plates onto the floor in the back of the vehicles so that the landrover had enough weight not to be over-powered by the horsebox (actually we used jerricans full of water to start with until someone came up with the genius steel plates idea). This done, we were not then allowed to put any kit or people in the back of said landrover. The LR was also useless for anything else - ever tried taking LARGE steel plates out of the back of a LR with no decent tools? - I have.

Max speed was supposed to be 40 mph although I have seen one do 50+ downhill with a following wind. I've also seen one not stop at traffic lights and go straight through because the brakes simply couldn't cope. Luckily none of MINE ever got turned over, but I'm sure there are others from 2 Sig Bde who can regale us with "I've turned the NCRS rover over, over" stories.

We are STILL taking this s**t on exercise occasionally, but only when absolutely forced to. The radios are quite good though even if the IT is mostly prehistoric. The heart of the NCRS is a big metal case call the HFAP (which is basically a processor that has less capability than a ZX81, and even worse relability) As a technician you can spend 5 days repairing the item, just for the Horsebox to move 2ft and it be broken again!!.

Ah nostalgia for the "good" old days