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Used to be a BMH there, cracking posting.

Funnily enough there are loads of Germans there.

Best place to nick a pushbike from is the Bahnhoff. This form of transport is needed if:

A) You've run out of money or:

B) If you've puked over your clothes and the boxhead Taxi wont take you back to camp.

Pushbikes should be left on the camp perimeter fence so that once a week an armourer can collect them all, swap the bike parts around, repaint them and then flog them to the QM.....allegedly

I confirm - I was a bike thief. Used to flog them for 20DM a time from under the cookhouse at York Kaserne. Great posting, some very friendly pubs locally who depended upon the 'Tommy' marks. SKC on site at York as well as a NAAFI superstore. Handy Toc H just outside the barracks as well. Good brattywagon came onto the square at York every night.

Other lines along that strip (which used to be the Luftwaffe airbase) were, Swinton (17/21L), Buller (29 Fd RA and 3LI) then there was Oxford (1IG), Portsmouth (8 Regt RCT), and the BMH over the other side of town.