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The Faithful Retainer

Aloysious Bernard Considine Tulke Mulligan, late of the Royal Irish Fusiliers, 'son of Kerry' and non-existent, imaginary retainer of Caubeen - late of planet Earth and victim of the Curse of Arrse.

Mulligan was often referred to in his capacity as whiskey-pourer in chief to the late Brigadier, the faithful manservant even appearing briefly on ARRSE's hallowed pages, albeit for six posts.

It's doubtful if it was indeed the Brig's trusty lackey and was simply some bored ARRSEr eager to tangle an already tangled web of walty intrigue. We shall never know.

Now believed to be working as a supermarket trolley mong in Tralee, though latest reports suggest he's being employed by James Shortt as a ARRSE Sock Puppet to substantiate his outrageous claims with multiple Log On IDs... probably.