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The Legendary Mullet
  • A mullet is a legendary hair"style" made famous in the 1980's. It is usually comprised of a fluffy, bouffant top, and a long flowing tail. It could be likened to someone wearing a Davy Crockets hat. For a great range of Mullets, watch the original Do They Know It's Christmas? video from 1984. I think the only man in the video not sporting a mullet is Phil Collins, and that's because he was going bald from the age of seven.
  • The last time a Mullet was a legal haircut in the British Army was at the Battle Of Waterloo. A few members of Sharpe's Rifles sported them, but due to Health & Safety rules the authority to wear a Mullet In Anger was removed from Kings Regulations.
  • To test if the badge has a sense of humour, grow a mullet next time you are on leave. Instructions here.
  • A mullet is also a type of fish, unlikely to be served in the cookhouse.
  • A 'mullet' is what someone from Birmingham calls a mallet.

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