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Two Versions (Can you guess which was written by the mover and which by the moved ?)

Version One

(Written by the moved ...)

Bastards. Absolute complete petty minded little Hitlers who exist only to persecute soldiers trying to get flown anywhere by the RAF.

|| AL1 to above - [a] Deleted "minded" [b] Delete "soldiers", insert "tri-Service personnel and freight"

Bear a close resemblance to the Vogons from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They are petty, dull, bureaucratic, small minded and follow the rules to the letter. Over time a game has developed on this theme, called the movements game. The rules to this can be complicated though. In particular, see RAF Mover.

Version Two

(written by a Movement Controller)

The Royal Logistic Corps Movement Control Trade numbers approximately 350 personnel between the rank of Private and Warrant Officer Class One. The trade is unusual in the respect that it does not conform to the classic military pyramid shape for numbers/rank (ie lots of Private soldiers, less Lance Corporals, Corporals etc). The primary reason for this is that members of this trade are required to assist in the planning, preparation, co-ordination and control of military movement in support of operations, training and administrative deployments worldwide; this is a complicated task that requires high-calibre individuals.

A potential Movement Controller must be self-confident with a high degree of initiative and the ability to communicate to all ranks and civilians, irrespective of rank or status. They must be adaptable, resilient, and have the strength of character to accept responsibility and put over advice in such a way that mature and experienced professional persons will accept and act upon that advice.

You will come across Movement Control personnel withinn the following formations/agencies:


Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO), HQ LAND Command, HQ Fleet, All Regional Forces Div/Dist (e.g. 2 Div, 4 Div, 5 Div, UKSC(G) etc), HQNI, Joint Helicopter Command (JHC), Defence College of Logistics (DCL), 17 Port & Maritime Regt RLC, 24 Regt RLC, 29 Regt RLC.

Other Nations/NATO:

HQ AFNORTH (Holland), HQ0 BATUS (Canada), HQ BATLSK (Kenya), HQ Brunei Garrison, HQ BFC, HQ BFFI , HQ BF Gibraltar, HQ SHAPE (Belgium), Nepal Garrison, US Defence College (BDLS Washington)

Points to note: if we were any character from "The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy" it would be the hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional mega-beings (the mice)struggling to get an MOD computer system/plan to work properly to answer all YOUR questions on life, the universe and everything... If any one is a Vogon, that would be someone who works in stores! The game is very accurate though and lots of fun...''