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The scourge of soldiering. Appreciated by good officers and despised by bad ones, morale can appear in many forms. Unfortunately, most of the forms manifest themselves in ways not generally appreciated by those in positions of authority. What will be seen as a hilarious jape by the general soldiery is guaranteed to be perceived as either a breakdown in discipline or outright mutinous behaviour by officers above the rank of captain.

Oddly, morale is encouraged within the officer corps. This is called 'high spirits' and is perfectly accecptable to 'the powers that be' - irrespective of the levels of noise, nudity and damage caused. 'High spirits' do not apply to ORs and non-commissioned practitioners of anything approaching fun can expect an Interview Without Coffee on Monday morning.

Strangely, morale is geographically limited and is noticably absent in places such as Sennybridge or Otterburn. I know I've lost my sense of humour there countless times. My platoon sergeant used to keep a pair of his wife's knickers in his Nyrex to keep his morale up - does that explain it?

Allegedly morale can be improved by the administration of Corned Beef Hash and alcohol - especially the latter. The myth of morale is believed to stem from the Middle Ages, though the exact origins of it are unknown.

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