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Mong a stupid person or extreme tosser also found on ARRSE (updated disambiguation)

Perfectly adequate definition by a previous user back in 2008, though an update for 2017 might be appropriate. Brace yourself for a detailed gen-up; first mention must go to His Holiness The Emperor of All Mongs (PBUH). The all-conquering instigator of epic batshit fcukwittery still reigns over ARRSE.

In modern ARRSE parlance, the term "Mong" is applied to those 'speshul' members who attract attention and derision, through their persistent retarded behaviour or spectacular Darwinism. Not to be confused with the genuinely disabling Down Syndrome which does not qualify for the mong label: ARRSE mongs are just cnuts with no excuse.

The "mong buttons" are the collection of pointless approval-rating icons underneath every post, icons which Admin thought would be a good idea *cough*. Since the site became factionalised in to political camps, loony lefties, ARRSEwipes, Libtards and neo-Nazi fascist types, mongs simply down-vote ARRSE posts in response to whichever point or member 'gets their goat' (known as "a good monging").

The most obvious Supermongs need no introduction to regular ARRSERs; two highly-disturbed thundercnuts in particular, frequently throw a track and proceed to mong-button a member's entire posting history. Equivalent to retards pulling the legs off spiders or a psychopath boiling your pet bunny.

Mongs actually believe that copping a down-vote (mong rating) really hurts members, without, of course, having to formulate a cogent argument. Not that cogent arguments appear very often on ARRSE these days. The following text forming the rest of this content was posted to this Wiki during 2008: you were warned ...

In the British Army before the days of rampant equality and diversity, pansy recruits and silly PC staff: recruit mongs were heard from inside a bush with a body sticking out of it, e.g. in Pirbright calling:

I am a Mong
I am a Mong
I am a Mong

[Pedantry continued] "Mong" is a grotesque and insulting but remarkably accurate term, used to describe those who are genuinely thicker than ourselves. They may have inherited or acquired a mental or physical disability. Mongs are blameless, but they are prone to dribbling and drooling, window-licking and making Mlaaar! noises. On ARRSE, mongs generally bash the SABC rating button, crayon a lot, and (returning again to ARRSE's politicised mongs) usually behave like 4-year-old Autards.

Despite their afflictions: mongs are often valued members of society; special people with a huge contribution to make. Who else would collect all the trolleys in Sainsbury's car park? Or moderate websites.

Alas, their vulnerability makes mongs prey to predatory perverts and sex-pests (see MDN, Bernoulli, shortfuse et al). May be used as an Organic Sandbag.

Possibly an idea to take a peek at the NAAFI's own mong thread paying particular attention to the chap that started it. Hello kettle this is pot......'black'....... over

See also Chav.

When combined with a Chav it will produce a Chavmong.

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