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Molotov Cocktail

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The Molotov Cocktail was created by the Finns during the Winter War against Soviet Union in 1939-1940. It was designed to destroy Soviet armour, such as the T-34, the Klim etc. Since, the device has found use in pissing off Armoured vehicle crews and riot police. Recipe as follows:

  1. Take one milk bottle
  2. Fill with petrol
  3. Add several spoonfulls of sugar to make mixture sticky ie home made napalm (note: if currently besieged and thus have no sugar OR have time to lay down a stock for a future riot/insurrection, let a rubber tube gently disintegrate in the mixture)(The original Finnish MT's were a mixture of petrol and soap, or often also pine tar. Plenty easier than sugar or rubber... )
  4. Stuff rag in open end of bottle (The factory-made standard items had two giant matches tied to the bottle instead of a rag. )
  5. Let petrol soak rag
  6. Light rag (or strike matches)
  7. Throw at armoured vehicle/police remembering to stand well back or in cover.

Note: It was rumoured that the T62 was a wonderful target for the wielder of a Molotov. If you dropped it onto the engine decking, the internal fire extinguishers would go off. These were poisonous to humans. The crew would therefore bail and you could shoot/stone them in your own time... or indeed sell their tank on Ebay.