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Certain site users have been given the responsibility of moderating one or more of the forums on the site and are known as moderators. They are able to move, delete, edit and lock individual posts or threads. They can be recognised by the green "Moderator" banner underneath their username. They are also granted access to a special moderators only forum called The Bat Cave. In addition to this, they can sanction existing members by restricting their accounts, as well as being able to remove the steady flow of spammers the site attracts. Members who are sanctioned by Restriction of Privileges (RoPs) will be awarded a red ROP banner and have limited use of their accounts, including loss of the ratings system, loss of Private Message (PM) facility and no edit / delete function.

The current moderators and the boards they moderate are listed below.

The Serious Bit

News, Gossip & Chat

The Badger's arrse

Web and Site Issues

QM's - Military Equipment

Regimental HQ

General Military Issues

Join the Army - Military Recruitment

Social & Relationships

Civi Street: Jobs, Education and Resettlement

Interests and Hobbies


ARRSE International

Sports and Outdoors


Recent Operations

Boards by Arm/Service


In addition to the Board Moderators, there are "Super-mods" who are able to moderate all areas of the forum although not all of them own a moderators' mug...

The Supermods are: cpunk, Guns, and Sixty

Hidden Boards

In addition to The Bat Cave there are a number of hidden boards on ARRSE. These include The Crown Club, The Longdon Bar and reserved areas for special interest groups, like 3 RTR and Software Testing.