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The Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive)


An Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence responsible for the acquisition of materiel, equipment and services, for the British armed forces. They are thus responsible for nearly all British Military Procurement Mysteries.

MOD(PE) became The Defence Procurement Agency (DPA) in 1999 and it shared its site with the Director General Logistics (Fleet)-DGLog(Fleet)- element of the Defence Logistics Organisation.

As of April 1, 2007 the DPA was merged with the DLO to form a new organisation called Defence Equipment & Support. One would think that all these re-branding exercises would be worth the time and expenditure?

Based at Abbey Wood (just outside Bristol) in a rather flashy set of modern buildings, the rumour that they have a moat - in order to defend themselves against irate users - is probably true.

One piece of advice when visiting Abbey Wood is that the building next to the car park is not the guardroom or Reception desk, but the Creche.