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Ministry of Defence

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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is the overly bureaucratic ministry of the government that is responsible for everything to do with the Armed Forces: the Royal Navy, the British Army and the Royal Air Force. They are responsible for British Defence Policy. It is almost entirely staffed by Civil Servants sat in 1K leather-backed chairs, using £10 gold plated gel pens, who are slowly breaking up the Armed Forces to replace as much of it as possible with commercial contracts.

They sit in their 'Ivory Tower' safe in London, bloated with members of the Civil Service and dictate policy, budget and operations, expecting ever more while forcing ever deeper financial cuts on the formations and units that actually have to take the risks and do the job - with insufficient manning levels and the cheapest equipment.

In the old days, when governments were honest, the MoD was called the Ministry of War and we had troops all over the world. We didn't have to hide behind the 'paper screen' of peace and we were able to control Britain's vast Empire by having the best soldiers, the best leaders and the best equipment, which allowed our small country to punch well above it's weight on the international stage. Now, when only one out of the three is still the case, we still like to believe we can hold our own in the world of international diplomacy. It's about time that the 'suits' at the MoD realized that if you want that to be the case you have to pay for it.

Financial Management

Usually contracts are awarded which, when all said and done, save the MoD approx £0.50p a year while decreasing efficiency and increasing response times to service personnel. See British Military Procurement Mysteries.

Favourite Mission Statements

More with Less

The result of a mass culling of Forces Personnel meaning everyone now has three jobs to do instead of one.

Just enough. Just in time

Political spin for running the Armed Forces on a cheap budget. The concept of 'Just enough. Just in time' was to centralise all stocks of everything useful and deliver to soldiers and theatre when needed.

As a concept the idea had potential however the logistic support (on the cheap) was not sufficient to deliver 'just enough and just in time', and as most equipment (because sourced from external agencies) had a massive lead time before delivery, logistic targets could not be met. So when the shit hit the fan soldiers were left with no body armour or desert combats or suitable boots etc. Lessons learned? None!

This concept is still in place. A more cynical explanation for Just enough. Just in time is that if nothing turns up the Army has to cope without. And as they coped then clearly they didn't really need it. Luckily we didn't buy it so bonuses all round in the MoD for saving so much money. After all, it's not civil servants coming home in body bags for lack of the basics so who cares?

And to top it, the ministry are still screwing over the average "Bill Oddie" through the AFPRB.

Defence Reviews

Grey suited men from the Ministry were also responsible for: