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For when Action Man needs extra firepower

Brother of Maximi? Small bloke from Austin Powers?

Nope, it's a Light Machine Gun, designed and built by FN Herstal in Belgium. Basically a scaled down GPMG it performs the job of LMG with a 5.56 round instead of a 7.62 one.

Calibre : 5.56 X 45 mm NATO
Weight : 6,85 Kg
Effective Range : 400 m
Feed : Belt (220 rd) or FNC 30 round magazine.
Rate of fire : 700 - 800 rounds/min

Two versions are used in the UK: The regular fixed stock version and the Para version, which has a collapsible stock and a shorter barrel. Respectively known as the L108A1 and the L110A1.

Usually deployed two per section (one per fireteam) in the infantry LMG role.

Film and Screen Roles

Star of a most memorable piece of footage from Op TELIC where a dozen squaddies on a 2nd story roof (and armed with at least two of these beasts) leathered the crap out of a low building opposite.

  • Enemy Casualties: unknown
  • Tactical achievement: unknown
  • Cost: unknown
  • Demonstration of applied fire power: priceless

Other Nations Service

Designated F89 in Australian service. Designated C9 In Canadian Service, It has also replaced the C2A1 in the SAW role. The Minimi has replaced the AA-52 in the GPMG role in the French Foreign Legion. Called the SAW M249 in the service of Uncle Spam ... sorry ... Sam. Used in the LMG role in the Netherlands, thought it did not fully replace the GPMG there, because Afghanistan proved the use and importance of having a 7.62 spitting piece of kit around.