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Messages left on Pte Golden's site by Arrse

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Before he put a password on his website (spoil sport), members of Arrse were kind enough to leave a number of messages on his message board. Here is record of many of them just as a indicator how much of a 1st class twat he was.

NB: If anybody recognises their post, please feel free to add your name to it.

  • Oct 28 2005 12:07 am

words defy me you weak, insignificant,pathetic tosser.Is all this brave talk making up for a lack of penis size or do have secret gay thoughts that you are trying to hide. t**t t**t t**t. ARRSEers everywhere look forward to your inevitable 'meeting' with the fine men of 2 PARA!!! Every call you answer,every meet you arrange with a chavette and every corner you turn could be the moment that you are caught up with.Enjoy the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. Have a nice day.

  • Oct 27 2005 11:53 pm


  • Oct 27 2005 11:52 pm

Already left one for you, you littl *. This one is serious - where did the Rememberance Cross come from on your 'Army' wall, you little tosser? I hope for your own sake you didn't steal it from a Cenotaph, because there's approximately 180,000 people currently employed by HM Forces who would take that a little bit personally (as well as the millions of ex-Forces).

Oh - you're still a * litle walt worth less than the Skip Lickers are Basrah Airport to.

Pass my IP address on to whoever you want, you little *. I'll be easy enough to find, just check your mum's rifling (if she has any left) to see when I was last there.

  • Oct 27 2005 11:50 pm

You are a * chav piece of s***. I hope you aren't in the British Army as you cheapen everything for which we stand. You are so full of s***, it's unbelievable and I want to make sure that all your little chavette girlies know that. You should be ashamed. Tosser.


  • Oct 27 2005 11:38 pm


  • Oct 27 2005 11:15 pm

Your IP Address is and will be stored with your post and visible to the website owner. Threatening or vulgar posts are strictly not allowed. If you post a threatening or vulgar remark and we receive complaints, we reserve the right to provide your IP address and other information to law enforcement, school faculty and staff, concerned parents, and other responsible adults that are connected to you or the site owner. You must be 13 years of age or older in order to add a post.

Laughing my ass off you little piece of scum. Protraying yourself as a member of HM Forces is in itself breaking the law. I am sure the boys in blue will get to you, at least you better hope they do before a Walt Beater gets there first. The members of ARRSE have invited you to the site, please take up this offer unless of course you are already a member. Look forward to hearing from you.

Toddle pips Duke

PS Your bike section is pants, I thought Chavs rode gay scooters.

  • Oct 27 2005 10:56 pm

Mike, you sir are a prize mong. I dont think there is much hope for someone like you. You have some sort of disorder that can only be cured by a * good shoeing. Youve made lots of new friends tonight and im sure one of us may run into you in the near future. If you get a smack in the mouth from a complete stranger, dont be suprised. Im sure you are used to that anyway. You have my IP addy too so please get back to me as soon as you can.

  • Oct 27 2005 10:53 pm

Your site is shite..... get out of your fantasy world before someone kicks you out of this one.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:49 pm

Knock Knock , Law here , please ring 01926 415000.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:35 pm

You * walt prick. I've seen better men that you cleaning the toilets at Basrah Airport you little civvie *. I look forward to some of 2 Para posting on to tell us all about what they did to you (when they get back from Iraq - why aren't you with them?)


  • Oct 27 2005 09:35 pm

Hey Mike you've had more posts in one night than you've had ever. Obviously your mum has had a lot more c*** than you've had posts though.............and all of them were black. Not to worry though because I'm your father...............or I would have been if the mixed race, crack smoking, "ghangsta bwhoy" hadn't beat me up the stairs.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:32 pm

Just thought i'd pass you're website on to the lads on You're welcome to come along anytime. You don't even have to BE IN THE * ARMY to look at it

regards, Fanboy

  • Oct 27 2005 09:31 pm

Walt, come say hello to the ARRSEers, we'd love to welcome you to welcome you with open arms. *

  • Oct 27 2005 09:31 pm

You've got my IP now as well. Check it out I'm in a hot sandy area. Get one of your "mates in the battalion" to give me a shout. That way we can all have a good laugh at your expense you gopping "gangsta" *.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:30 pm

Michael, what, oh what is the * point? my personal theory is that your whole site is a mating call to the gay community, and you are trying to pass yourself off as rough trade...

Oh! Oh! you've got my IP! does this mean that I am going to be dropped by a single 7.62mm round to the skull as I cycle to work one morning?

  • Oct 27 2005 09:28 pm

Aaaaah, you're the biggest & best walt ever! I meant to be doing some lesson plans but your site is far more entertaining! Who needs Elementary Obstacle Crossings when you've got Walting 101 !!!!!


  • Oct 27 2005 09:27 pm

Michael, what, oh what is the * point? my personal theory is that your whole site is a mating call to the gay community, and you are trying to pass yourself off as rough trade...

Oh! Oh! you've got my IP! does this mean that I am going to be dropped by a single 7.62mm round to the skull as I cycle to work one morning?

  • Oct 27 2005 09:26 pm

My Grandfather was one of the original members of the Parachute regiment and fought in Arnhem where a great number of his friends and colleagues died. The thought that you cheapen thier name by your waltlike behaviour makes me puke.

I hope a masked lunatic breaks into your home and shoves a trident in your face then drops a flag stone on your mums cnut from the top of a car park.

You can count yourself lucky that I am bone idle and full of urine and wind, as if I had the inclination, I'd fill a minibus full of people hell bent on ultra violence and visit Hackney just to spank you and stick daffodils in your back box.

Make amends by removing the beret and post a picture of you getting your head 'plained' in a woodwork class

  • Oct 27 2005 09:26 pm

Your * is going to look like a .50 exit wound if I ever find you in person. I'll treat you to the ultimate humiliation of male rape..

With your mate Dragon's severed arm.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:25 pm

Oh, this is so amusing. I don't even need to insult you! Nice one Arrsers!

  • Oct 27 2005 09:24 pm

Mr Mitty-Golden, this is your life ...

  • Oct 27 2005 09:24 pm

Absolutely Walt-tastic you silly little boy. I particularly liked that forged letter of yours. The spelling, punctuation and basic schoolboy errors regarding basic facts about P-Company, the Parachute Regt and the Army were just amazing. many of us at haven't had such a good laugh in ages.

I hope you sleep well knowing that somewhere out there, there will undoubtedly be 3 regular batallions and one TA batallion of real PARAs that will be looking forward to spreading you over the pavement like strawberry jam, should they ever meet you in person, you sad little imposter. With so many photos online and that delightful tattoo on your chest, you will be an easy enought mark. You'd just better hope that you won't be turned over to 3 PARA Mortars once the rest have finished with you.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:23 pm

oh private golden, you have been found out!! let the chavmong hunt begin

  • Oct 27 2005 09:18 pm

You prick dont you like a tit now. * Para my arse you would struggle in the Salvation army let alone the real thing back to Mcdonald you chav *.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:17 pm

High velocity rounds were invented to eliminate shite like you from the gene pool. You are, without doubt a civilian dole dwelling f***** who is no stranger to man love.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:07 pm

Mike you * I hope you realise you are a marked man now and sooner or later you are going to get the * s*** kicked out of you ? You are going to regret pretending to be a para you piece of s***. would you like my name an address you sniveling little worm ? I hope a REAL para makes you suck his c*** like the little weedy piece of big timing s*** that you are

  • Oct 27 2005 09:04 pm

.............and when I get to Hackney you WILL suck the taste of your mums arse off my turgid, swollen c***.

  • Oct 27 2005 09:03 pm

Alright Mike you gipping civvy *? I'm coming to very afraid..............

  • Oct 27 2005 09:01 pm

I want to invite you to my house and slide my meaty penis in your bottom whilst you wear your maroon beret...

Whilst you recieve my girth I'm going to assault your head with the butt of that cheap spanish air rifle

  • Oct 27 2005 09:00 pm

You * pathetic little turd. You have been exposed on Arrse as the complete lying piece of worthless s*** that you are. If you are a * Para then I'am a * sea horse

get a life you silly little boy and stop living off other mens achievments

  • Oct 27 2005 08:57 pm

25189354 Pte Golden.

You silly SILLY man. Time to check out who you really are, my pathetic little boy.

LMAO - I love walthunts.

  • Oct 27 2005 08:51 pm

ARRSE waltenkommando has eyes on the target.. Stand by.


  • Oct 27 2005 08:48 pm

You are an utterly disgusting piece of rubbish. Your 'P Coy' pass certificate is the biggest work of fiction I have ever seen. I am giving a copy of it to the Regimental Colonel over the weekend - I'm sure he will be delighted at the offence you are committing. What sort of insect are you?

On a different note, I fought in Iraq and worked with the Parachute boys in Basra. Don't remember 2 PARA being there.


Darth from ARRSE

By all means 'track my IP' - please.

  • Oct 27 2005 08:47 pm

To any chav civvy reading this who thinks Mike is the real deal, follow this link to see him exposed as a "billy bullshit"

  • Oct 27 2005 08:43 pm

I do feel so sorry for you . You are of course in a complete dream world . I have done two tours of iraq , we have lost almost 100 blokes out there and you with your big timing lies are pissing on there graves . Do you understand that you are a marked man now you lieing little s*** . When you get to your Bn you are totally fucked you bullshitting little t**t , best of look you text speaking bluffing chav t**t . cheers recce-cpl from arrse .

  • Oct 27 2005 08:42 pm

Christ you're full of s***. You make me ashamed to be a paratrooper and by that I mean a real, serving paratrooper. I've printed off some pages from here and posted them to a mate in "your" batallion whose in Iraq at the moment. Seeing as how you've given all your personal details out on your crap websute you shouldn't be too hard to find - Or will you?

  • Oct 27 2005 08:40 pm

There is no way on this earth that you are in Para Reg. Where the * did you get that "passing out parade" letter from? You've managed to get a letterhead from ITC Catterick then done a delete / insert on it. Sad thing is that you had to write it as you speak AKA sad chav, civvie walt.

Cracking photos by the way, got any with you and the rest of the company? Thought not you big timing *.

  • Oct 27 2005 08:24 pm

Saw your photo and passed it round the rest of the regiment so they know what you look like. Hope to see you in the Hippodrome one night so we can batter you. You, my friend are a closet chav craphat and are full of shite. Tour of Iraq 2002 -2005? We didn't starty fighting the war until Mar 03 and 2 Para didn't * go!!!