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Mel Gibson

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A total Cnut.

Re-writes history for Hollywood in the form of Braveheart, The Patriot as well as that anti-jew snuff movie The Passion Of The Christ. In We Were Soldiers, he forgot to mention the British 2i/c that the 7th Cavalry had at the time. He seems to have a thing against Brits, given this slip and the tendencies he shows in Braveheart and The Patriot.

May have made a little mistake with his attempt at a jock accent.

Thinks he is very kinky wearing leather strappy things in the Mad Max movies.

His most recent picture Apocalypto, reuses The Passion format to tell its tale about the Mayan civilization in their own language. It once again focuses on blood, violence and makes the ancient Mayans look like a bunch of homicidal loons. As you can guess their descendants ain't too happy!

Currently Australia, the US and just about every english speaking country thinks he has a vendetta towards or bias against the Jews. Can this be true, I wonder?

Watch the evidence here!