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Medical Support Officer

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LE MSO = Shite jobs that no one else wants, mainly because most LE MSOs are from the AGC and know bugger all about the AMS.

Sandhurst MSO = Also know nothing about the AMS but theyve been to Sandhurst dont you know!! Officers and Gentlemen not scummy ex-rankers with ideas above their station. All MSO's tend to bluff a lot and can be agressive when cornered. Often seen hanging about outside the CO's office so they can tell tales and swap stamps.

I left the above in because whilst its clearly been written somebody bitter and twisted and is mostly bollocks it has some elements of reality in it.

MSO's carry out Command and Staff functions in the Defence Medical Services (The RN and RAF have MSO's too). In the AMS they would typically have jobs like Troop Commander, Squadron 2ic, Regimental Adjutant, Squadron Commander, Regimental 2ic, CO and Medical Staff Jobs in variety of formation HQs.

The main 3 main routes of entry for MSO's are:

Direct Entry from Sandhurst. No doubt there are some who end up as MSO's because they didn't get their first choice but there are great many who's first choice is MSO and they choose it because they know its a worthwhile and valuable job and that they will be working with seriously talented people.

Late Entry. Ex rankers, many from the RAMC but also from across the army and indeed one or two from the RN and the RAF. LE's typically choose to be MSO because they recognise the importance of the role and they can see that they will have greater opportunities than in other regiments and corps. Often they've worked closely with medics on ops and they like what they see.

Officer Career Transfers. Officers typically transfer in at Maj and occasionally at Lt Col. Mostly from teeth arms. Like the LEs they are attracted by the variety of command and staff jobs available and the opportunity for advancement.

In addition to military courses MSOs are expected to undertake relevant academic courses up to and beyond masters.

Despite what our bitter and twisted chum wrote above braggers and bluffers don't thrive as MSO. They're working with medics who are some of the sharpest brains around who can be quite ruthless in pursuit of getting optimum care for their patients. There's little room for braggers and bluffers.