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City in Saudi Arabia and the holiest site in all Islam, Mecca can be best described as a target rich environment - especially during the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Mecca is also a rather popular chain of bingo halls. This connection with the holy city and gambling is quite offensive to Muslims, but most people find it hilarious. It would, however, be unwise to get the two mixed up, as the ensuing confusion could cause serious problems and heads could roll... literally.

In fact, Mecca is considered so holy by Muslims that infidels are actually banned from ever setting their dirty feet inside it, lest they pollute the place with their disbelief:


The Mutaween would take a very dim view indeed of a coach load of pissed up tarts on a jolly night out, as would a bingo hall-full of pissed up tarts take a dim view if a coach load of the IFA pitched up for a carpet nodding session. Never the twain shall meet methinks.

'Mecca' is also a term used to describe anywhere that is of pilgrimage status (for obvious reasons). e.g. The National Motorcycle Museum is a Mecca for bikers. The War & Peace Show is a Mecca for piefinders and walts etc. Again, exercise caution, as it would be unwise to use this term in the presence of a Muslim as he/she/it (it's hard to tell sometimes) might (or most certainly will) be offended. Then it's only a matter of time before you get a fatwah slapped on yo white nigga ass and the Leicester branch of Hezbollah burn your house down - with you inside.