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Me n bee

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Me n Bee, aka themaadone, has an introvert look unto life. An intelligent, intelectual individual, feared by adversaries and adored by minions, he is an additional founding member of 49Para and bible bashing thumper of the free church of ARRRRRRSE.

Evidently charming, witty and freewheeling on his scooter he harmonises Arrse with more pressing commitments - drinking, socialising and falling over.... see Goku for that one!

Has been known to race around bars on his hands and knees biting what female anatomical parts come his way for lesser rewards then a stale kebab.

Fond of Dale the snails fridge delights and happy to share a matress with a dog (It sat on my face with it's hairy bum).

Does weird things when FluffyBunny is eating at wetherspoons and can recite the exorcist backwards whilst twisting his head 180 degrees.

Generally a loving creature even when out with his partner in crime Goku, whom he often entices to bunk off work to send him home on the train so that he can wake up in Brighton (ya ferkin gay) and has to take a taxi back costing the poor boy 90£.

Airborne extravaganza with a bit of a belly!