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Maurice Mennie

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Mighty Mo himself

Y'know, sometimes PERSEC has to be simply binned - especially when those concerned do a pretty good job of doing it themselves. Anyhow, Mennie - formerly of E (A&SH) Coy, 51st Highland Regiment TA - served on Telic 5. All very honourable - and certainly not waltish. A bit of a chod by all accounts, but we've all done mongish things in our time.

But therein should have been a warning. Mennie then committed walticide by flogging RMP gear (which he claimed was his) on eBay. From that point on his days were numbered - especially as he used a claim of attending a military funeral as a selling point. Bad taste and bad idea.

It was only a matter of minutes before he'd been pinged by the denizens of ARRSE, and some simple detective work showed him up to be a sad, pathetic, airsofting walt. Those offended (just about everyone) descended on Mennie like a pack of vultures. Mennie was eventually outed and appeared in the Daily Record (the Porridge Wog equivalent of The Sun) on several occasions - including the front page. Echoes of one Jamie Barratt, and more proof (if it were needed) that there's nowhere to hide if you come the cnut on the Internet. A warning to all walts and bluffers.

Maurice's pathetic ARRSE post (without corrections)

1st and foremost i am a collector of RMP items as im sure other people are collectors of things things, stamps,foreign weapons etc.

i have in no way broke any laws in this as i have worn the kit in my private domain. ie my house. i have never worn police style uniforms in pubic. (public place being streets etc) i have how ever worn RMP items on private land as im part of a group who collect RMP items. I aint out impersonating no one and have no intention either.

I have Military service whether it only being TA who really gives a FECK it is service i have done and have been to IRAQ. everyones info is resonably correct but i have in no way broken any laws as (believe it or not before i even started collecting i checked out the laws with my local plod)

As for the ebay item ok i do apoligise as it was wanting rid simple so i beefed it up a bit. im sincere in my apoligies concerning that.

as for the come beat me up , anyone and i mean anyone is more then welcome to come have a try. not beefing myself up , but whoever think im fair game bring it on. (Kildrum park tonight at 8 pm) i will be there so please come ahead.

What i do in my personal life is my business and no one elses. i have in no way broken any laws or rules(as for flashing lights you might find out when you have been doing your digging about that i have other employments within the entertainment industry so have supplied blue lights to a friend. not for use in my car ad would never do that as i am sure that consitutes an offence under military and civilian laws.

Im sure there is going to be some comeback on this but im genuinely apoligising to anyone i have offended about the ebay item. but everything else has been my business. and the invitation stands to ANYONE.

when my unit finally get round to pulling me up as previously stated then i have all details of everything and other pictures of me in other police uniforms etc. as i also do film extra work . "now i do know that this stuff is legal"

for everyone that believes im a walt all i can say is cheers as i feel honoured, i havent paraded in the middle of a memorial service with a chest full of brass or even attended a function beafing myself up to be a VC winner i have simply been an avid collector who enjoys his hobby.

My Op Telic V medal was earned by myself and if i choose to wear that then i have every right i may be just a STAB but still have been there.

oh and before i forget i have friends who are still serving soldiers (Regular) who attend airsoft and love it as it is a great method of training. why run around with a blank firer hitting feckall hen airsoft helps put some realism to it. for all who dont think airsoft is good . look at the YANKs they have adopted this style of training for there forces BB guns.

What i do in my sare time guys is purely my business.

oh just before i forget , my point of contact with MOD over the use of there land Mr Colin Dunbar Deputy Commander Defence training estate scotland (0131 310 4943)Civ (9)(4741 4943) Mil

Please feel free to contact them as well. also have camp co of Garelochead but wont put pubilcally.

and i was working for HMRC for over 5 years but left in may