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A typical Marxist yesterday

Cold War era

The very worst of the Reds Under The Bed, the lunatic fringe of Socialism, committed Commies. Followers of the religion of Marxism.

Couldn't poke reality with a long stick. Logic, reason and truth were unfamiliar concepts (a bit like women, but without rag week).

"Marxist" was a term frequently heard on TV news, usually followed by "guerrillas" and details of some TPLAC that the Soviets were trying to de-stabilise.

Never really amounted to much in Britain due to the impossibility of getting three Marxists in a room together to agree on anything without forming at least one splinter group.

Post-Cold War

Just lunatics now that the Soviet funding's run out.

The emergence of details of the excesses and failures of their beloved CCCP and the "Communist in name only" status of China led most of them to abandon the fight and try alternatives.

Still one or two students carry on the struggle, selling Socialist Worker, growing really crap beards and trying to shag crusty wimmin.

The more "mainstream" location for Marxists is now either supporting Palestinian terrorism, or one of the multifarious Eco-lunatic groups, although the crossover between the two groups is significant. Danny the Red is now Danny the Palestinian-loving Green.

Still unable to locate reality, even with both hands, a Polaroid camera and two people helping.