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Manchester United

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The Reds

A football team that can only win by buying Pora pretty-boys. [Oh yeah? like Wayne "Shrek, leave the grannies alone before I boke" Rooney?]

The Reds used to be a respectable team with a proper fan following like Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC etc. but now has about 55 trillion supporters, half of whom are teenage girls who only support them because of said pretty boy. They still somehow manage to win most competions entered, although God knows how. [He really does apparently.]

All things said, they are undoubtedly the most famous football team... in the World - a fact usually forgotten by the author when explaining where he originates from to Johnny Foreigner. Apart from Coronation Street, 'Man U' is Manchester's greatest export. The resulting daeity worship that ensues after the author has revealed his humble origins has still failed to get him laid, unfortunately.