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Man Training Days

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Man Training Days or MTDs

An accounting concept used in the TA to pay you for the training you do.

A full MTD, one day's pay, is paid for between 8 and 24 hours training. If you train for 4-6 hours you get paid 1/2 a MTD; 6-8 you get 3/4 MTD ; 2-4 hours is 1/4 MTD.

You can't get paid more than one full MTD per 24 hours, even if you do two 8 hour shifts.

You get paid the daily rate for your rank and qualifications. Thus one MTD for a Sergeant is different in cash terms to one MTD for a Private or a Major.

The MTD Budget

Because the daily rate varies as shown above, the MTD budget is actually given in cash, and the unit works out how many MTDs that will support across the rank structures they have and the training they have planned. For example, the same cash that it takes to pay a WO2 wil normally support a couple of Privates.

The nominal figures of MTDs allocated per person are 19 per year for a specialist unit and 27 for a normal TA unit. Extra MTDs are available from the Brigade pot for certain tasks, and an extra 2 are given to support CCRF trg where applicable.


If you want to train for more than 50 MTDs in a year, you need to apply for permission through the CoC (your pay ninja or PSAO should do this for you). Further extensions are required at 80 and 100 days, with an absolute cap at 116 days.

This last figure may look odd, but once you train for more that 116 days per year, you are entitled to 10 days leave and get pension rights. Not going to happen . . . .