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A variety of Soup....I think.

Birthplace of Alexander the Great (born 356bc, died 323bc aged 33) who shoed the living daylights out of the known world, had Angelina Jolie for a mother and wore a dodgy curly blonde wig. Not sure why he spoke with an Irish accent though. Calling him gay upsets the Greeks even though he appeared to be that scariest of things ... a hard gay bloke with a lot of hard mates.

Forgetting to call Macedonia FYROM (the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) in a 'Prince/Artist formerly known as' manner instead of Macedonia also upsets the Greeks. Consequently setting the almost impossible to reset auto-correct function of a computer belonging to a Greek officer at NATO's KFOR Main so that FYROM is replaced by Macedonia in all documents would be a VERY naughty thing to do.