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Final stage after MTQ1 and MTQ2.

MTQ 3 is now known as MODULE 3 and all Officer Cadets who want to go on to commission at Sandhurst (modules 4a and 4b) now complete this module.

The Aim of MOD 3 is to develop leadership, management and tactical skills. It does this by giving practical experience in the field. It also completes the outstanding parts of CMS(R) TA

It can be delivered in a number of ways. It can be a nine day course, as a series of five or six weekends, or two long weekends.

MOD 3 is a series of field exercises to give practical experience lessons learned during module 2 plus CBRN training. OCdts are expected to lead competent section and platoon attacks, recce patrols and ambushes as well as deliver comprehensive and competent orders and briefings to troops.

MODULE 3 Endstate is

  • Passed Fitness Matts PFT and CFT with the required weight of your Arm (OTC is 20Kg all in)
  • Passed SAA at skilled and APWT(TS)
  • Recommendation from Course OC to attend RMAS

Ref: LDRTC Information for London Territorial Army Potential Officers Ver 1.2 Dec 06