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MTQ2 builds on the foundation laid during MTQ1, and focuses more on the leadership skills and management training relevant to officers, such as the 'seven questions' estimate and orders process, more detailed map reading, signals and public speaking.

This syllabus promotes confidence and encourages teamwork and leadership, enabling Officer Cadets to successfully lead others in difficult situations, often under pressure. Training methods vary between UOTCs but will all be based upon a core syllabus issued and overseen by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

MTQ2 Exams run at UOTCs throughout the UK from late in the Winter term through to Easter. Officer Cadets are assessed on signals, map reading and give a lecturette on a set subject. As well as this comes the practical TEWT (Tactical Exercise Without Troops) exercise where officer cadets conduct a 7 questions estimate of a platoon level tactical problem, deliver a set of orders and are examined on their understanding of the estimate and orders process.

The training and assessment of MTQ2 is conducted by experienced TA & Regular SNCOs and Officers who will be Royal Military Academy Sandhurst-trained instructors.

Successful completion will allow you to progress to MTQ3 and also grants a pay rise on the new entrant daily rate of pay.