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Military Training Qualification 1

The course is run by UOTCs as a basic training package. Mainly consisting of five weekends and several training evenings it amounts to about 14-18 days total training - roughly equivalent to TA CMS(R) less CBRN.

The new recruit will come from no experience to being able to operate "effectively" as a member of an infantry section. Some UOTCs (e.g.Cambridge UOTC) conduct this in the first term (Autumn). Others like University of London OTC run MTQ1 until Easter.

MTQ 1 consists of the following elements, all of which must be successfully completed before the CO confirms a pass:

a. Workplace Induction Programme. b. Leadership. c. Military Knowledge. d. Skill at Arms (APWT). e. Fieldcraft and tactics. f. Communication skills. g. Map Reading. h. First Aid/health and hygiene. i. Fitness Training. j. Drill.

The second part (MTQ2) is taken in the second year and focuses on leadership.