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Either an abbreviation for Motor Transport or Mechanical Time, the latter a type of fuse for an artillery shell.

The context should make it obvious which meaning applies. For example, an MT Sgt is in charge of the unit's vehicles and is not fused with a clockwork mechanism. Sgts are only PD.

However, lets look at what MT means in relation to the Motor Transport side of things.

The Regimental MT is a strange, slightly musty smelling place and is usually located in an obscure spot on the camp. Often out of the way. For good reason.

Those outstanding and high performing individuals often known by such heroic titles as 'scrote' are often found here, not so much from a desire to work in MT but more from a desire from every Squadron in the Regiment to have nothing to do with them.

It was said that the Spanish Inquisition often deployed tactics learned from the MT of any standard British Regiment, as the grilling techniques used for when you actually need a hire vehicle are both intense and soul destroying.

They are also responsible for keeping track of every soldiers FMT600 - a document which tracks your driving proficiency. This can often be somewhat misleading when you find out that most of the entries are simply forgeries with a squiggle for a signature, and it's often been the case that it's not until some lunatic manages to flip a vehicle onto its roof that it's discovered that they never actually completed the familiarisation course.

A fun challenge among the soldiers going for a fam course with the Regimental MT Instructor is to see how much they can drink the night before without the MTI noticing it. The record is currently held by a Trooper who managed to cheek a fam session at 0800hrs in the Snatch after getting into his pit at 0335hrs that morning having been massively on the lash for his birthday. His colleague who ended the night at 0000hrs after only a few hours of drinking ended up getting AGAI 67'd. Arf.