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Mollied to fuck. Nails!

Pronounced 'Molly'. A MLA for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. A rather simple and effective spam innovation that enables all manner of compatible kit to be assembled in all manner of configurations. So simple it's amazing nobody thought of this thirty years ago.

Though a US design, the MOLLE concept has gradually seeped in to the newer Brit kit designs - notably on the Osprey CBA. The judicious use of MOLLE pouches - of varying sizes and capacities - can make the use of PLCE pretty much redundant, and enables the wearer to attach pouches to pouches and then attach them on to an even bigger pouch - which is in-turn attached to either a daysack or a monster-sized bergen. Try it... it's addictive. MOLLE straps also enable the wearer to festoon himself with cylumes, pens and mini-maglites. One can even stuff one's 9mm in there somewhere... or a kukri. Nice!

Various kit suppliers have cottoned on to MOLLE and it is now available in DPM as well as the usual US woodland, coyote tan, desert, Marpat and new ACU patterns. MOLLE heaven is undoubtedly ebay, though beware cheap and nasty stuff manufactured in the Far East, as this is primarily aimed at the Airsoft market.

Virtually every pouch imaginable is available, from MOLLE magazine, grenade and utility (iPod) pouches to bog roll holders, duvet covers and pencil cases. Far cry from those halcyon days of a furry gonk containing two (blunt) HBs, a pencil sharpener and a broken protractor.

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