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MOD Police

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A civilian Police Force controlled by the Ministry of Defence with the responsibility for investigating and preventing crime on MOD property or by MOD personnel, i.e. stagging on for £20-30,000. The MDP are usually to be found on the main gates of sites that are deemed too sensitive to be entrusted to mere squaddies or the MPGS.

Known as 'MOD Plod', to join the MOD Plod you must:

  • be a British citizen aged 18 or over
  • have resided in the UK for the last 5 years (excluding overseas service in the armed forces)
  • be reasonably physically fit
  • be prepared to work anywhere in the UK

Now let's deconstruct this CV a little.

  • Be a British citizen? Well given the government's diversity policy I'm surprised you don't HAVE to be Hungarian.
  • Be resident in the UK for 5 years? This in no way precludes illegal immigrants in hiding for the last 5 years or even sitting in a holding camp.
  • Be reasonably fit? Obviously the key word here is 'reasonably'. Most the MOD Plod I've met were 24 stone and mostly made up of real ale and pies.
  • Be prepared to work anywhere in the UK? Given 90% of the armed forces are currently in far off places, I'm surprised this doesn't say '... in the world!'

Having a previous criminal conviction, or even convictions it seems, is not an automatic bar to joining the Plod. Obviously being divergent in the honesty hemisphere should in no way preclude a crook joining a police force... err... service.

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