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Mentioned in Dispatches

Mentioned in Despatches (MID) is a military award for gallantry. The award is relatively common, does not confer a medal and is relatively low in the order of precedence - it is a Level 4 gallantry award.

A despatch is an official report from a senior commander, usually of an army, to his superiors, detailing the conduct of military operations. In the British Armed Forces, this report is published in the London Gazette. If a subordinate officer or soldier performs a noteworthy action included in the report, he/she is said to have been "mentioned in despatches". The MID is the oldest military award for gallantry.

In the nations of the British Commonwealth, soldiers who are mentioned in despatches receive a certificate and are entitled to wear a silver oak leaf (from 1920–1994, it was bronze, in the Canadian Forces it still is) on the ribbon of the service medal issued to soldiers who served in a conflict. If no campaign medal is awarded, the oak leaf is worn on the left breast of dress uniform.

Soldiers can be mentioned multiple times but, other than receiving a certificate for each mention, they wear no visible sign of repeat awards on a single ribbon. Additional awards of MIDs on other campaigns are worn on the relevant campaign ribbon.

The British World War I Victoria Cross winner John Vereker, later to become Field Marshal Viscount Gort, was mentioned in despatches nine times. The Australian general H.G. Bennett was mentioned in despatches a total of eight times during the First World War.

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