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MFO box

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At a guess stood for "Military Forces Overseas" - Nope it was "Movements Forwarding Office"; a packing crate consisting of four sheets of plywood with bendy tin riveted joints, an interchangeable pair of lid and base, and four-score half-inch screws. Of course, you always realise that you've packed something vital, just after you've tightened the ninety-fifth screw on the lid.... of the fourth box.

Write the address of your posting on the outside, and it turned up at your new accommodation. Eventually. In the days before Pickfords got the contract to shift Pads kit around the globe, the Army did it all. Our record as a family was three months to get said crates from Germany to UK (and the b**tards broke my toy planes, not that I'm bitter after thirty years. F***ing Blanket Stackers.)

Yes, you packed your family's entire belongings into a dozen crates, and went off to another country where you could march into a Married Quarter that was fully equipped. Down to mustard spoons, bedsheets, and garden tools.

(PS I would like to thank the great MQ kit drawdowns and sell-offs of the 1980s for all my cooking pans and cutlery as a young student - I've still got pans with arrows on them)

Also renowned for enhancing their own contents after you had packed them. Items such as Mess Silver, Porn mags and videos and, in one case, an adjutant appeared in mine as they lay outside my mess room ready packed.