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Utter crap yank made Jimpy, Basically a German FG42 with the addition of a belt feed from an MG42/MG3. Only listing the M60 down because it was used by Australia which is a British Commonwealth country. Also to note the Australian SASR modified M60's removing the bipod and replaced the handguard with a side mounted SLR grip.

Although it is no way as good in performance as the L7A1 and the MG3, It is however the 'nicest to handle' GPMG made since there is also the M60E3 which is quite compact for a 7.62 Calibre weapon and features a front pistol grip.

The RAF are 'lovin it' with their 'Spade gripped' M60's that came with the Chinooks. Handy for killing gooks yelling "Get Some! Get Some!"