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M3 Amphibious Bridge

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M3 Amphibious Rig
Country Of origin UK/Germany
Designation Engineer Equipment
Configuration Wheeled
Manufacturer: EWK
Crew: 3
Length 12.74 m
Width 3.42 m
Height 3.35 m
Weight 24.5 t
Speed 80 km/h
Range Dunno
Primary armament None
Secondary armament None
Power plant Diesel
NBC Dunno
Night Dunno
  • Designed and built by EWK to replace the aging M2.
  • It is capable of providing a rapid MLC 70 bridge or ferry across large expanses of water obstacle, including still, flowing and tidal waters.
  • When a number are joined together from bank to bank, as a bridge, capable of taking vehicles as heavy as the Challenger MBT.
  • A 100 m river can be crossed in 30 minutes, using 8 rigs.
  • It was used for the first time operationaly on Op Telic 1 in Southern Iraq where it successfuly allowed tanks in support of 3 Commando Brigade to cross the Shatt Al Basrah on to the Al Faw peninsular and approach Basra from the South.