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Lydd, Kent - the home of one of the MOD's firing ranges. Just down the road from Hythe Ranges. Currently, the home, together with Risborough Barracks, of OPTAG (Armynet linky).

For anyone who's ever tried firing a weapon on this range, they will know it as being bare-arrsed, miserable, soul-sapping and constantly windy.

A pain in the bum in spring and autumn, refreshing in the summer, but MISERABLE in the winter.

The Cinque Ports Training Area (CPTA) is one of twelve principal training areas used by the three Services in the UK.

It has live firing-range complexes at Hythe and Lydd, each of which has a sea danger area. Shooting of a variety of infantry weapons is directed into these areas, which extend up to 5 km (3 miles) from the shoreline.

Firing programmes Firing takes place about 300 days a year, including weekends and some public holidays. Normal firing times are from 0830–1630 hours during the day, and up to 2300 hours at night, as necessary.

If you have to pass through the area (in accordance with Byelaw 8e, usually in an emergency) you are requested to comply with the instructions of range safety craft or range control operators.

Range control operators You can contact range control operators (English speakers only) at least half an hour before firing begins and while firing is in progress, as follows: by radio, on VHF channel 73; by telephone, for Hythe 01303 225879, and for Lydd 01303 225518 or 225519.