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Lucky Jim

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Date Joined 02 Oct 2005
Posts Never mind the posts - have a look at my blogs
Location Hiding in the hills

No-one has yet thought of anything witty or informative to say about this inhabitant of the news and current affairs forum. His chief claim to fame is in maintaining a blog during the latter half of Op Telic 7. Not from a soldier's point of view, but from that of a soldier's father. Nice.

Some have called him wry and thoughtful. Others think he's an anally retentive pedant on a one-man mission to rescue the English language from Americanisms, text speak and anything introduced later than 1920. He still occasionally says 'motor car' and 'gramophone' despite being only 35 years old.

Actually he's older than 35 but it seemed funnier to say so at the time.

A - Has a great nack for writing blogs, indeed worth a redd. A very proud father and hope to hear more from his writing skills! Keep up the good work on.