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Lofty Wiseman

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Lofty Wiseman

Ex-SAS soldier and survival guru - the daddy of all the experts. Lofty joined The Parachute Regiment in 1958 and almost immediately applied for selection. He passed and holds the record for the youngest entrant.

Lofty achieved legendary status within the regiment and his twenty-six years' service took him to all corners of the globe. Lofty was B Squadron's SSM and eventually ran the Training Wing. He was also instrumental in setting up the CRW teams and practising hitherto untried techniques.

Lofty left them in 1985 and went on to run a successful business taking money off corporate mongs stupid enough to want to pay money to be cold, wet and miserable on his 'character building' courses. He is also a prolific writer and has authored numerous survival classics including:

  • The SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea
  • The Ultimate Survival Guide
  • Outdoor Survival
  • Indoor Survival
  • Modern Urban Survival: Ma Hood Innit!
  • Surviving the Menopause
  • The SAS Divorce Survival Manual
  • Surviving a Vegan Girlfriend
  • The Complete SAS Guide to Feng-Shui
  • The Jap Slapper's Guide to Self-Defence
  • Surviving in Outer Space
  • The SAS Roadkill Cookbook
  • The Jap Slapper's Guide to Slapping Japs - Jap Slappery and Other Stuff
  • The SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea (Pop-Up Edition)
  • The SAS Guide to Global Recession - Jap Slap Your Way to Success
  • The SAS Guide to Land Navigation - Double Tap Jap Slap Map Reading

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