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List of Gurkhas supposedly killed in the Falklands and what their "names" actually mean

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According to some folk, a typical representative of whom may be Erwin Schatzer (Argentina), the British forces in the Falklands Campaign managed to hide a number of ship, aircraft and troop losses. Among these supposed losses were the aircraft carrier HMS INVINCIBLE and 30 Gurkhas, listed below.

Stoatman did a little digging, and found where these names appear to come from. None seem to be typical Gurkha names, and the suspicion is that the names were made up to satify some Argentinian macho posturing. How out of character for them.

  • BAHARU LUMPUR - no record, and Baharu & Lumpur are Malasian town name suffixes
  • BANDJERMASIN BALU - no record, and these are Indonesian place names
  • BANGUED LAMPUNG - no record, and these are more place names
  • BILASPUR HABADLIMBU - bilaspur is a place, habadlinbu is made up
  • BURU HARINFJI - Buru is an island, harifanji is made up
  • BUTUAN LIMHA - Butuan is a city in the Philippines, Limha is the Louisiana Infant Mental Health Association
  • DIGUL ARU APO - digul is a prison in Indonesia, Aru is in Uraguay, and Apo is the Asian Productivity Organization
  • HAPATNAM VISHAK - Vishak-hapatnam is a district in India
  • IMPHAL CUTTACK - Imphal and Cuttack are towns in India
  • KOLHAPUR BHOPAL - Kolhapur and Bhopal are towns in India
  • KUDAT JOHOR - More Indian towns
  • KUPANG MASINHA - Kupang is a town in Indonesia, masinha seems to be some Brazilian thing
  • LABUHANBILIK IPOH - La...k is a town in Indonesia,Ipoh is in Malasia
  • LEYTE PALAWAIN - Leyte: philippines, big battle in 1944, palawain is a mis-spelling of Palawan, which is in the Philippines
  • MAMUJU BALIKPARSAN - mamuju seems to be a place in Indonesia, b...n does not exist
  • MOGOI DENPARSAD - mongoi is from a Mongolian folk song, d...d does not exist
  • NAKTONG ULSAN - Naktong: river in Korea, Ulsan: town in Korea
  • NAM PEGUKOK - Nam could be anything, p...k doesn't exist
  • NAMPO HAEJU - both ports in North Korea
  • PADAN BUH BELING - P.n and b.g are names, buh could be lots of things
  • PANAY BOROBU - Panay: island in the philippines, borobu seems linked to Bali
  • PRAPAT PAKAMBARU - prapat: town in Indonesia, p...u is a place in Indonesia
  • SAIDPUR PATAN JAMMU - Saidpur: town in Bangladesh, Patan is a town in Nepal, Jammu is part of the region disputed between Pakistan & India
  • SARAWAK KAYAN - S...k is a place in Malasia, and Kayan is a tribe from the same area
  • SIMTANG KINABALU - S...g is a town in Nepal, K...u is the highest mountain in SE Asia
  • TERENGGANU DUMAR - t...u is one of the 3 east coast states on peninsular Malasia, Dumar is lots of things
  • THIRABO RANGPUR - t...o seems to be made up, rangpur is a town in Bangladesh
  • UDAIPUR SIKKIM - U...r: Indian town, s...m: Indian state
  • WAINGAPU PAEKTU - w...u: city in Bali, P...u: mountains in Korea
  • YAMBI PADANG - Dui Yambi is a place in India, Padang is the capital of West Sumatra

List of Gurkhas who actually died in the Falklands