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Oooh! Sue you, sir!

Libel is what most of the abused on ARRSE claim is happening to them and that they will sue.

Libel is where the written word is used to make a false claim that harms the reputation of an individual, business, product, group, government, nation or indeed religion (guess who?).

Obviously the claim must be false otherwise it's not libel. Thus when Muslims get called the Religion of Peace, that is obviously libelous.

Conversely if you are a screaming walt and have been outed, don't try to claim the comments about you being an oxygen-thieving mong are libelous, because you are (an oxygen-thieving mong)!

A sizable percentage of material on ARRSEpedia is not actually libelous surprisingly enough. That's because most of the rantings and ravings are true. Remember, libel has to be untruthful. The content might well cause offence, but that's only because the truth invariably hurts. Simple!

For example: Gordon Brown is a total and utter cnut for axing the basic rate of Income Tax. That is not a libelous statement, because:

  • He is a total and utter cnut, and...
  • He's actually gone and done it.

People who sue for libel are usually very wealthy and powerful - and highly likely to be on Legal Aid (which is a hot potato in its own right). The people whom they sue are invariably the media - particularly newspapers such as the News of the World, The Sun and the Daily Mirror who publish all sorts of untruths about decent, upstanding, law-abiding, cottaging, bribe-taking embezzlers like the Fleet Street scum that they are.

For example: when a politician is found being hooped senseless on Hampstead Heath at midnight by a Brazilian ladyboy - and has the act plastered all over the front page of The Sun, he will sue said rag for pedalling an untruth, as he was merely engaged in a bout of nocturnal badger-watching. The rag will then settle out-of-court and print a snivelling apology.

Of course, the above scenario is merely an illustration and did not actually happen... probably.

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