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Bull Dyke in a squad of proud service personnel.

Guardian-reading, quiche-scoffing, carpet-munching lefties. If there's a cause worth making a noise over, then the Anti-Everything Brigade will be at the forefront.

Their finest hour was during the 1980s, when legions of them descended upon the US cruise missile bases of Molesworth and Greenham Common and made right nuisances of themselves.

At one time, ladies who wished to score a political point simply spent a day at the races - before throwing themselves under the King's horse. These days, they put on 15st., shave their heads, get a tattoo and take an unnatural liking for other ladies of similar build and attitude. Though there are some quite fit ones, these are the exception rather than the rule. Remember! These are not the same lesbians depicted in Anal Angels II, and one would be hard pressed to make the ol' one eyed glue sniper go anything but floppy when confronted by these unshaved harpies.

Lesbo-Fascists invariably work for local councils, either as diversity awareness coordinators, outreach support counselors, mime theatre workshop directors, chakra re-balancing technicians or they work with mongs. Apart from a troupe of singing gauchos following you around a restaurant, Lesbo-Fascists are the most irritating people on the planet and are best avoided.

See also: Feminism.