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Les Dennis

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His Lesness

Contrary to popular belief, Les Dennis is not a French fire engine, but is the former doyen of piss poorly named Russ Abbot's "Laughter" Show.

Dennis also appeared in the popular soap Coronation Street as the cross-dressing Mavis Riley, whose cheeky catch phrase ' Well I don't really know' endeared him/her to millions.

Millionaire Dennis somehow managed to pull (the then unknown and skint) Amanda Holden, who, let's face it, is rather 'helmet' and a disastrous marriage soon followed.

Holden used the limelight to catapult herself to West End stardom, whereas the hapless Dennis teetered on the brink of alcohol-soaked obscurity following a barrel-scraping divorce.

Dennis sent himself up a treat on the show Extras, so much so that it appears that his career has been saved and is rumoured to be the host of the up and coming Celebrity Suicide. Hopefully, this format will have the arse kicked out of it like all the others - especially when they run out of Z List celebs - and Dennis will again take his rightful place on the throne of light entertainment, that being the End of the Pier Show at Blackpool... supporting Bob Carolgees... probably.