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Leo Sayer

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LCpl of Bar. Leo Sayer QGR
  • He failed to pass out, not due to poor musical ability, but because he wasn't limp-wristed enough to be a bandie. Having 18 months of National Service still to complete, Pte Sayer transferred to the Queens Ganja Rifles. The QGR were quick to capitalise on Sayer's qualities where he was quickly promoted to the honorary rank of Lance Corporal of Barnets; a mainly ceremonial role that involves volumising, nutrileum, nourishment and manageability.
  • Leo Sayer is remembered by all who served with him as a man with an epic appetite for beer, often could he be seen drinking solidly from lunchtime on a Friday until 0300 Monday. It is because of this that his name is immortalized as a by-word for "All Day Sesh."

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